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i have no ideaaa!! why dont you look it up. internet DOESNT ALWAYS HELPPP :-)

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Q: What can the president do when the senate is in recess?
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Which one of a president's appointments does not need Senate approval?

recess appointments

What presidential appointments do not require senate confirmation?

A recess appointment occurs when a President fills a vacant federal position by bypassing the Senate because of Congressional recess. Recess appointments are temporary. Appointees must be confirmed by the Senate after the next election.

Which US supreme court judges were recess appointments?

There are no current Supreme Court justices who were recess appointments. However, President George Washington appointed John Rutledge as Chief Justice in a recess appointment; his appointment was later rejected by the Senate. President Eisenhower also made three recess appointments to the Supreme Court, all of whom were later confirmed by the Senate.

Who appoints the supreme court justice who approves these appointments?

The President appoints or nominates people to fill these positions but the Senate must approve them before they can take office unless a vacancy occurs while the Senate is in recess.

Who must approve the appointed heads of the excutive departments?

The Senate has to approve the President's choices for "cabinet positions," that is, the heads of Executive branch departments. The President does have the authority to temporarily appoint a cabinet position without approval, if the Senate is not in session; that's called a "recess appointment." Recently, we had an interesting thing: the President appointed a cabinet position at a time when he said the Senate was not in session, and the Senate said they were.

When can the president appoint people without approval of anyone else?

during the Recess of the SenateThe president can appoint anybody without anyone's approval because it is one of their privaleges as president. They get to carry out certain duties and this is one pf them

What ways the executive branch can check the legislature?

The President has the power of veto. He also has the power to fill vacancies that may happen if Senate is in Recess.

What can an ordinary citizen do about your President Barack Obama making a recess appontment of another Czar when the Senate was in fact not in recess and this has never been done in history?

Impeach him. The appointment in question was the director of a legally-established (and much-needed) agency. Obama's predecessor made appointments under similar circumstances. The question of whether the Senate was in recess when Obama made the appointment will likely be settled by the Supreme Court.

Where in the Constitution is the President given the authority to make an appointment to fill a vacancy in a federal position during the recess of the senate?

Article 2, Section 2, Clause 3

What official is the president of the senate?

The Vice President is the president of the Senate.

How official is the president of the senate?

The president of the senate is the Vice President.

What is the recess one house can take without the consent of the other?

A recess in when a break is taken during Senate or House proceedings. A recess can only be three days long without the other side consenting.