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anything you want except drink alcohol

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Q: What can you do legally after turning eighteen in Pennsylvania?
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Can a child move out legally if they are two months away from turning eighteen?

If you are 18 then i am sure you can wait at least until your birthday. When you are 18 you are an adult and you can move where you please.

Can you legally move out of your dads the day you turn eighteen?

At eighteen, you are an adult! Yes you can move out.

If you are seventeen can you get married to someone that is eighteen?

Not legally. Each partner must be over eighteen.

At what age can you legally get a tattoo in Scotland?


Am i legally liable for a child of eighteen?

you can be, depending on the situation

Who is responsible for an eighteen year old senior?

No one legally.

What are you legally allowed to do when you turn eighteen in Ireland?

Drink alcohol and vote.

Can a girl who is turning eighteen move out of her parents?

As soon as she is 18, certainly.

Does a parent have the right to ground there eighteen year old?

legally -- no. Morally -- yes.

Can you move out if you are 19 and live in Kentucky?

You are legally considered an adult at eighteen years of age. So yes, you could legally move out.

Can a girl who is turning eighteen move out of her parents' house without emancipation?


Can you parents legally kick you of their house at eighteen in Nebraska?

Yes they can, welcome to being an adult.