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states cannot enter into any treaty alliance or confederation, nor can a state print of coin money or deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

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Q: What cant state governments do?
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Why can't state or local governments control air and water?

local governments cant control it because air and water is mother nature and nobody can control her.

What governments allow the use of the initiative the referendum and the recall?

some state governments

The supervision of local governments is a function of state governance because?

local governments are essentially entities created by state governments, and they derive their authority and powers from the state. State governments oversee and regulate local governments to ensure they operate within the framework of state laws and regulations, while also maintaining accountability and adherence to state policies. This supervision is important for maintaining consistency, preventing abuse of power, and promoting effective governance at the local level.

How can you escape taxes?

YOU CANT WHY? cause our governments gay

Which statement most accurately describes state governments' interaction with local governments?

state governments grant local governments their power but do not tend to interfere with their day -to-day responsibilities

Are bonds issued by state or local governments?

________ are bonds issued by state or local governments

What can state governments not do?

State governments cannot declare war or issue their own money.

How many state governments are found in the U.S?

The US has 50 states and therefore there are 50 state governments in the US. In addition associated territories such as Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam are not states and do not have state governments, but do have governments that in many respects function like state governments.

How can the federal and state governments both have the power to tax?

The Federal and state governments both have the power to tax because they each have separate expenses in a budget. State governments tax to help pay for state programs. Federal governments tax to help pay for Federal programs.

Which was true of the anti federalists?

They favored strong state governments.

What happened as a result to the formation of the commission of gas and electricity in the state of New York?

Other state governments passed similar laws.

Why do diffrent places vote in their elections in diffrent ways?

Because elections are controlled by state or local governments