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The Miner's Strike of 1984 / '85 was caused by the massive pit closure programme introduced by Margaret Thatcher and her Tory government. They wanted to replace Britain's use of coal-fired power stations and industries with power derived from gas or nuclear sources. Also, Thatcher knew that the mining communities and the NUM were a very large left wing power-block who opposed her, and felt that if she could decimate them as an effective force, she would succesfully remove a potential threat to her continued leadership of the country. Thatcher brought in a Canadian buisnessman, Ian MacGregor, as her so-called 'economic advisor'. He was not a British citizen, had no understanding whatsoever of British economic history, and was certainly not impartial. Nonetheless, he oversaw a shoddy and biased 'survey' of the future economic viability of British mining, which predictably painted a bleak picture of it's ability to survive- one which was very far from the actual truth. This gave Thatcher the excuse that she needed to announce the programme of pit closures early in 1984. The sheer injustice of the situation prompted a furious response from the mining communities, and resulted in the NUM leader, Arthur Scargill, calling a nationwide miner's strike before the union membership had been balloted for strike action. This enabled the strike's critics to label it as technically illegal, although if a ballot HAD been run, the overwhelming vote would have been to strike anyway. There was particular hatred for Ian MacGregor, who had no buisness in being invited to a foreign country and serving as advisor to the Prime Minister when he wasn't even an elected British politician, and not accountable to the electorate.

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poeple got unhappy

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Q: What caused the miners' strike?
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That depends which miners strike in history.

Who was the leader of miners strike 1984?

Albert Hitler was the leader of the 1984 miners strike

What was Margaret Thatchers involvement in the 1984 miners strike?

because she thought it was wrong of what were happening to the miners! so she led the strike.

Who won the miners strike?

Margaret Thatcher won the miners strike, Arthur Scargills attempt to bring down the government was a total disaster for the innocent miners he foolishly led in to the abyss .

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the general strike happened because lots of miners were locked out and campaigned

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Miners' strike in Britain in WW2There was a miners' strike at the Betteshanger Colliery in Kent in 1941 or 1942. Even if the other collieries in East Kent were also involved this was very different from a nationwide strike. There must have been other miners strikes. In a correspondence between my uncle and my father, my uncle talks about how things had got better in his RAF camp following the end of the miners strike. My uncle was stationed in Lincolnshire, the date must have been late 43 or early 44

How long did the 1984 miners strike last?

They are many reason's for the strike but one of them is that the miners wanted to work overtime but Margret Thatcher would not pay them and she put a ban on overtime, so the NCB (National Coal Board) offered the miners a 5.2% increase in wages but the miners refused.

Why did the miners strike take place?

in 19 80 -2000

What Happened In Wales In 1930?

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