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the American revolution only included the 13 colonies (Britain's colonies in what is now America). the western territories of America had nothing to do with it. the western side of America only joined the US when US president James K. Polk came to power and introduced the idea of Manifest Destiny, which is the idea that Americans are entitled to own all of North America. :) the territories had no choice of joining America or not.

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Q: What caused the western territories to join the American Revolution?
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The largest level of interregional migration in the US was caused by the?

Opening up of the western territories.

What caused the battle at Yorktown?

the american revolution

What is one way that American Revolution contribute to the start of the French Revolution?

the cost of supporting the american revolution caused the french king to propose tax increases

Both the American revolution of 1776 and the french revolution of 1789 were partially caused by?

unfair taxes

Both the American Revolution of 1776 and the French Revolution of 1789 were partially caused by .?

unfair taxes

How did the American revolution infuence the french revolution?

It didn't. The only real link is the fact that much of the money problems that caused the French to rebel was caused by the American's failure to repay debts owed.

Did the changes that resulted from the American revolution resolve problems that caused it?

no because their wasnt no change in the america revolution

What caused American revolution to take place?

Taxation without representation.

What caused urbanization that occurred in 19th century Britain and elsewhere in western Europe?

The Industrial Revolution.

Which explanation best explains a cause of the American Revolution?

The battles of Lexington and Concord were a big fight that happened that caused the Revolution

What are the differences of the glorious and American revolution?

The American revolution was a war caused by evolution of thought. The French revolution was a bloody revolution in every sense of the word and went through all the stages. The Glorious Revolution was bloodless and a the daughter of the king and her husband were put in his place.

How did the American and french revolution affects the colonist in the Americans?

The American's gained their freedom in the 1775-1783 American Revolution. America was a country by the time of the 1789-1799 French Revolution and did absolutely nothing for the war effort, despite the fact that one of the major causes was bankruptcy caused by partitcipation in the American Revolution.