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Q: What central European country is sometimes called the savings bank of the world?
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Which central European country is called savings bank of the world?


What is the the time zone of Italy?

The time zone of Italy is currently Central European Summer Time, or CEST. During the winter it is Central European Time, or CET. Italy is GMC/UTC +1 hour during Standard Time and +2 during Daylight Savings Time.

Who bought out Savings Bank of Central Jersey?

Kearney Federal Savings payed $72M for Central Jersey Bank

Is it Daylight Saving Time in Vienna Austria?

Yes, Vienna, Austria, observes daylight savings time. Vienna is on daylight savings time from spring to autumn and on standard time the rest of the year. Vienna is in the Central European time zone.

What time zone is Mississippi?

Mississippi is located in the Central Time Zone (CT), which is GMT-6.

What is Singapore time when CET is 1330 hours?

A Central European Time (CET) of 1330 hours equates to 2030 hours (8:30 p.m.) Singapore time. The time difference between the Central European time zone and the Singapore time zone is seven hours while Central Europe is on standard time and six hours while Central Europe is on daylight savings time. Singapore never observes daylight savings time.

What is the time from Macedonia to Chicago?

The time from Macedonia to Chicago, Illinois, is almost 11 hours by airplane. Chicago, which is in the central time zone, is seven hours behind Macedonia, which is in the Central European time zone. Both locations always observe daylight savings time.

Is Manitoba in the Central Zone?

Yes, Manitoba is in the Central Time Zone in Canada.

Which banks offer the highest savings rates in the country?

The savings rates offered by the banks vary from country to country. In US, Ally Bank is the most famous bank that offers the highest savings rate. The American Express is the second best bank in terms of offering highest savings rates.

What is the time difference between Zurich and Nairobi Kenya?

The time difference between Zurich, Switzerland, and Nairobi, Kenya, is one hour while Zurich is on daylight savings time. Zurich is in the Central European time zone, and Nairobi is in the Eastern Africa time zone. Nairobi does not observe daylight savings time.

What time zone is Chattanooga TN?

Clarksville TN is in the Centrl Time Zone with Daylight savings

What should you do with your savings before a country goes bunkrupt?

Move to another country ;)