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Cookings skills, education and language I would say, though it does depend on what period in history you are talking about.

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Q: What characteristics made a slave more expensive?
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How much was a slave in 1860?

Prices varied greatly from slave to slave, depending on their value as workers. Stronger slaves tended to be more expensive, as would people with experience in a trade such as smithing or carpentry.

Why were slave ships so overcrowded with slaves?

The more slaves, the more money made by the captain when sold in the slave market.

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What fabric were ancient roman slave clothing made of?

linen could be one of the fabrics used for a slaves clothing. Remember, that the fabrics that Roman slave clothing was made of depended on the wealth of the slave and the wealth of the owner. The slaves of poorer households or the farms slaves generally wore rather coarse woolen tunics and cloaks, while the slaves of the wealthy would be dressed in more finer materials. The appearance of a person's slaves reflected the status of the owner.

Do big chocolate companies use fair trade?

Fair trade chocolate is chocolate that is made by people who are paid well for their time and labor, as opposed to slave made chocolate, which is made by slaves, or people who are paid a very small amount for the work they do. Fair trade chocolate is more expensive to buy, because the makers of that chocolate are paid a fair amount the slave don't get paid:p

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slave owners didnt have to pay for labor so they made far more money.

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Tariff of 1816

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