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Bombay the economical capital of India is now called Mumbai.

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Q: What city was formally known as Bombay?
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What was formally known as Bombay?

Mumbai, the site of the recent terrorist attacks in India.

Which city is nown a Bombay?

Mumbai was known as Bombay in the English language.

Which city was formerly known as Bombay?


What city in India is known as Mumbai?

That would be "Bombay".

In which country is the city Bombay?

Bombay, better known these days as Mumbai, is a city located in India. It is the capital city of Maharashtra. It has a population of about 20.7 million people.

What is Bombay famous for?

Bombay is also known as Mumbai. It is the capital of Maharashtra in India. It is known for its population. It is the fifth most populous city in the world.

What was the city of Mumbai known as when it was under british rule?


Which cities are close to Bombay?

A major city close to Mumbai is Pune. It is around 154 kilometers away from it.

Is Bombay a capital?

Bombay is a city, now known as Mumbai, in India. The capital of India is New Delhi.

What country is Bombay in?

The city of Bombay (Mumbai) is in the country of India.

What is the latitude and longitude of Bombay India?

The latitude and longitude of Mumbai, India (formerly known as Bombay), is approximately 19.0760° N, 72.8777° E.

In India what is the large important city located on the Arabian Sea?

Bombay or now known as Mumbai