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The Petition of Right is a major English constitutional document that sets out specific liberties of the subject that the king is prohibited from infringing.

It sais, basically, "Personal rights, therefore, are above the Crown; the law is above the supposed fountain-head of the law, and forced "loans" or "benevolences" are illegal". This is from wikepedia, no copyright intended. Why don't you just Google it? There are many sites that will tell you all about The petition of Rights, sent to Charles I in 1628.

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  • Taxation without Parliament's consent
  • Forced loans
  • Arbitrary arrest
  • Imprisonment contrary to Magna Carta
  • Arbitrary interference with property rights
  • Lack of enforcement of habeas corpus
  • Forced billeting of troops
  • Imposition of martial law
  • Exemption of officials from due process
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Q: What clauses were included in the petition of rights?
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Who included the right to petition and fair punishment for people found guilty of crimes in England?

I think its human rights.

Do citizens of Louisiana have the right to hold a petition?

yes, its considered a civil right. you can get a petition , have as many people sign it as possible. freedom of speech, freedom of press, equal rights. if its in a gated private community that has clauses that were agreed upon , then you might have a problem. depends on the situation. be more specific on what he petition is about.

What are the rights of a teenager with a petition filed against them by their mother?

petition for what?

Why was the petition of rights written?

The petition of rights was written to give other the same rights as white men. All American citizens now have the same rights.

Who the petition of rights?

Charles I

What are the four basic rights of the petition of rights?


What 5 rights are included in the first amendmenths?

The first 10 amendments to the US Constitution are called the Bill of Rights. The first five of these include the freedom of speech, press, religion, the right to petition, and the right to assemble.

What was meant to give people common rights?

Petition of rights.

What did the king do with the olive branch petition?

The Olive Branch Petition asked the king to protect the colonists' rights.

Are grandfather clauses included in real state?

i just want to know about real state laws adn grandfather clauses to that fact

Who signed the petition of rights?

Charles I

What are two right protected by the first amendment?

Two rights that were included were the Freedom of Speech and Jury Trials.