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They were red. teeheee

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Q: What colonial advantages did the redcoats have during the Revolutionary war?
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What were the two Colonial advantages during the Revolutionary War?

knowledge of the land and the french navy.

Who was the leader of the redcoats during the revolutionary war?

Major John Pitcairn

Name for british loyalists during the revolutionary war?

Redcoats or Lobsterbacks

What is another word for British?

Brits English Redcoats (during the Revolutionary War) UK citizens

Can the word loyal be used in a sentence?

Yes. During the American Revolutionary War, the Redcoats were loyal to the Crown.

Who was the General for Colonial forces during the revolutionary war?

George Washington.

What revolutionary sixteen year old rode horseback 40 miles during the night to warn that the redcoats were attackng Connecticut?

paul revere

Colonial leaders during the revolutionary period?

There were many colonial leaders during the Revolutionary War. They included George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Deborah Sampson and John Hancock.

What advantages did great Britain have during revolutionary war?

Some advantages Britain had during the revolutionary war was having more money to buy supplies, they were better trained, and they had ships to garner supplies.

What are the advantages the colonists have during the revolutionary war?

French and Spanish allies

What is the name of the colonial legislature that governed the colonies during the revolutionary war?

continental congress

What was the form of currency during the revolutionary war that was not backed by silver or gold?

colonial scrip