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His biography doesn't tell us that information.

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Q: What color eyes did Nathan hale have?
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What color are Nathan kress' eyes?

His eyes are brown

Is Nathan Hale Nathan Hale a spy?


Is Nathan Hale Nathan Hale's real name?


What side was Nathan Hale on?

Nathan hale was on the patriots side.

What actors and actresses appeared in Nathan Hale - 1913?

The cast of Nathan Hale - 1913 includes: Gaston Bell as Nathan Hale

What color eyes does Rosalie hale have?

She has golden eyes now but she used to have violet eyes.

What was Nathan hale's occupation?

Nathan Hale was a soilder of the American revolution

What was Nathan hale's Childhood like?

what was nathan hale's childhood like

When was Nathan Hale Williams born?

Nathan Hale Williams was born in 1976.

Why did the Britain decide to hang Nathan hale?

Nathan Hale was an American spy.

What is Nathan Hale's birthday?

Nathan Hale was born on June 6, 1755.

When did Nathan Hale - journalist - die?

Nathan Hale - journalist - died in 1863.