What colors are female?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is an opinion based question with no correct answer. Generally though, baby boys are associated with the color blue while baby girls are associated with the color pink.

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Q: What colors are female?
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How do you know if your angelfish is a male or a female?

Depends on the color... cool colors mean male and warm colors mean female

What colors are female shrimps' eggs?


What is the name for a young domestic cat?

Name - Pantherstep/female Colors - Black Name - Snowleap/female Colors - White Name - Weaslestep/female Colors - Brown Name - Fawndapple/female Color - Tortishell/Torti-white Name - Stoneshadow/male Colors - Black Name - Icefur/male Colors - White Name - Aspentail/male Colors - Brown Sparta Mouse Panther Leopard Tigeress Hope this helped! The first ones were Warrior names, if you ever read the books!

How can you tell which is female or male blue bird?

Female birds are always lighter in color and not with bright colors. Male birds have bright colors to attract the females.

What is a female bird?

Normally a female bird has duller colors than a male bird of it's type =)

Does the male or the female starfish have prettier colors?

the banana is prettier

What male and female butterfly's have different colors?

The color is Blue

What colors are females and male crawfish's?

This depends on the species of crawfish. Sometimes the male and female are the exact same colors.

What color are the male panthers?

male panthers are the same colors as the female

Does a female crab have a darker color than a male?

no. colors do not distinguish the gender.

What color pit bulls will you get from a blue female and white male?

Pit bulls have a varied of colors in the blood. Sometimes you we get surprised with the colors a pair had.

How do Siamese fish look like?

The male Betta is beautiful with a flowing back fin,with bright and eye-catching colors, and they are bigger than the female bettas.But the female Betta doesnt have flowing fins and they dont have bright colors,but the brightest color you can probably get is orange and i think white for the female.