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Virginia Company of London, also known as London Company, founded Virginia. This company was chartered by King James I of England.

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The Virginia Company of London founded Virginia. They also founded the colony of Jamestown, which was one of the first English colonies in America.

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The Virginia company

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Q: What company founded Virginia?
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What part of Virginia did the Virginia company found?

The Virginia Company founded Jamestown, Virginia.

Who founded Virginia?

Virginia was founded by the London Company in 1624 as a royal colony. It included the original settlement of Jamestown that was founded in1607.

What are some settlers who founded Jamestown?

The Virginia Company founded Jamestown,Virginia in 1607. They called it that after England's King James I.

Who founded James town?

Virginia Company of London

What colony was founded by the London Company?

The Virginia colony

Who was the king of England who gave a charter to the Virginia company?

England granted the Virginia Company of London a charter to explore Virginia. The Virginia Company of London founded the Jamestown colony.

The Datatel company was founded in what city?

The company Datatel was originally founded in 1968 in the United States. The exact city the large company was founded in is Fairfax, Virginia by Tom Davidson.

When was the Dominion Virginia Power company founded?

The Dominion Virginia Power company was funded in 1909. It was started as electric company under the Virginia Railway and Power Company and overtime has grown to a multimillion dollar corporation.

Who founded the colony of Virginia?

The London Company

What settlement was founded in Virginia in the year 1607 by the English?

Jamestown was founded by Virgina Company with the approval of King James I

First colony founded in 1607?

It was Virginia. Virginia was founded in 1607 By John Smth for religious purpoes.

Which trading company founded Virginia?

East India Company. They were very powerful in the 1600's and they sent the 104 men to find gold in Virginia.