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The compromise that was reached over the issue of slave trade was "Three-Fifths Compromise's.

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three-fifths compromise

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Q: What compromise was reached over the issue of slave trade?
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What was the compromise on the slave trade?

The compromise regarding the slave trade was the Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise. This was also called the Compromise of 1850. The decisions that were made by the compromise were that Texas had to surrender the claim it had on New Mexico, California became a free state, the South allowed slavery in new territories, the Fugitive Slave Act was passed, and slavery was banned in Washington DC.

What did the compromise of 1850 do about slavery in the District of Columbia?

It abolished the slave trade in the District of Columbia.

What were the major compromises the delegates agreed to make?

The major compromises that the delegates agreed to make were The Connecticut Compromise, The Three-Fifths Compromise, and The Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise.

How did the Constitutional Convention deal with slave trade?

The Constitutional Convention left the slave trade untaxed and untouched. Delegates from the southern States were naturally wary about the prospect of Congress being able to regulate America's interstate and foreign trade. They were afraid that the North would use its influence in Congress to levy taxes on the slave trade and the cotton trade. The delegates from the South pushed for, and won, a compromise on the matter: the Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise. This agreement made it so Congress could regulate interstate and foreign trade, but could not tax exports. This meant that cotton exports from the South would not be affected. In addition, Congress was forbidden from regulating the slave trade for 20 years.

Kind of trade that could not be prohibited before 1808?

slave trade

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What two compromises were reached over the issue of the slave trade?

Two compromises reached over the issue of the slave trade were the Three-Fifths Compromise, which counted slaves as three-fifths of a person for representation in Congress, and the Constitutional Compromise of 1808, which allowed the United States to ban the importation of slaves in 1808.

Which compromise guaranteed that the slave trade could exist for 20 years?

Commerce and slave trade compromise

What compromise stoped the slave trade in 1808?

The 1808 Slave Trade Compromise in the Constitution.

What states were benefited them commerce and slave trade compromise?

who did the commerce and slave trade compromise benefit

Did the Missouri Compromise end slave trade?

The Missouri Compromise succeeded in expanding the boundaries of the United States. However, it did not end the slave trade.

What ended slave trade by compromise?

Me! Lol

What compromise did the delegates reach on the slave trade?

i belive it is the three-fifths compromise.

What took place at the constitutional conventional?

great compromise.3/5 compromise and slave trade compromise

What did the slave trade compromise do for the southern and northern states?

agreeing not to end the slave trade for at least 20 years

The Missouri Compromise ended the slave trade but not slavery in the?


The compromise of 1850 banned slave trade where?

District of Columbia

When was the earliest day that the slave trade could end according to the Slave Trade Export Compromise?

apparently it was 1807 but it carried on to 1886