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8th congressional district

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Q: What congressional district do I live in Charlotte NC?
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How many attorneys are there in Charlotte NC?

There is a lot of attorneys in Charlotte, NC. There is one district Attorney. There is over 175 criminal law attorneys in Charlotte, NC. There is thousands of listings for attorneys.

What congressional district is Statesville NC 28677 in?

Part of the zip code 28677 is in district 9, and part is in district 5.

Where did lionsgate film Hunger Games?

The capitol was in Charlotte, NC. The arena and District 12 were in Asheville, NC

Where does yancey thigpen live?

Charlotte, NC

Where does yancey thigpen live now?

Charlotte, NC

Where is chocolate stallion from?

Charlotte, NC

Is Charlotte NC better than Shreveport LA?

YES,Charlotte NC is WAY better than Shreveport LA.Trust me,Charlotte is a very cool place to live.North Carolina is an awesome state.So if you're trying to chose where to live someday,there's no better place than Charlotte NC!!

Is charlotte nc have high crime Is nc or sc safer to live at?

The crime rate in Charlotte, NC is considered average. South Carolina has the lower crime rate among North Carolina and South Carolina.

What is the driving time between Washington DC and Charlotte NC?

The drive time from Washington, District of Columbia to Charlotte, North Carolina is:6 hours, 14 minutes

Where does greg oden live?

Ballantyne country club in Charlotte, NC

Any auditions in Charlotte NC?

Yes. There are acting auditions in Charlotte, NC.

Are there any places in NC that begin with q?

Queens University of Charlotte is located in Charlotte, NC. Queens Road is the name of a street in Charlotte, NC.