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Q: What congressional district is summerville South Carolina in?
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Where is the city Summerville located?

one of them is South Carolina

Where is the Sculpture In The South in Summerville South Carolina located?

The address of the Sculpture In The South is: Po Box 1030, Summerville, SC 29484-1030

Where is the Summerville-Dorchester Museum in Summerville South Carolina located?

The address of the Summerville-Dorchester Museum is: 100 E Doty Ave, Summerville, SC 29483

Where are some tourist attractions in Summerville South Carolina?

Some tourist attractions that can be found in Summerville, South Carolina, include the Fort Sumter National Monument, the Timrod Library, the Trials and Tales tours and of course the Summerville-Dorchester Museum.

Who represents the second congressional district in South Carolina?

Addison Graves Wilson, Sr. AKA Joe Wilson.

What city is mid point between summerville sc and fayettville Nc?

The city which is the midpoint between Summerville, South Carolina and Fayetteville, North Carolina is Timmonsville, South Carolina if one were to drive along the I95 Highway.

What is South Dakota's At-large congressional district's population?

The population of South Dakota's At-large congressional district is 754,854.

How many miles between monroe Georgia and summerville South Carolina?

255 miles

What state had the first tea farm?

South Carolina - 1890 near Summerville. HPT

What county is summerville South Carolina?

Summerville SC is In both Dorchester and berkeley counties with all of the Main city area being in Dorchester County

Where is the United Daughters Of The Confederacy in Summerville South Carolina located?

The address of the United Daughters Of The Confederacy is: 106 Pelican Lane, Summerville, SC 29485-6314

How long does it take to ship a package from Summerville South Carolina to Mount Pleasant South Carolina?

1 to 2 days with the USPS depending on when you mail the package.