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Kirkcaldy in Scotland.

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Q: What constituency does the Prime Minister represent?
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What constituency does Jamaica's prime minister represent?

Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller represents the St. Andrew South-west constituency.

Which seat did Edmund barton hold in the house of representatives?

Barton was the nation's first Prime Minister, with the portfolio of Minister of External Affair's.He did not represent a particular constituency as he was appointed by the crown and not voted into office.

Can an American who moves to England vote for the prime minister?

Unless someone is registered to vote in the constituency of the Prime Minister, he/she cannot be voted for directly.

Which assembly constituency did giani zail singh represent while he was chief minister?


Can citizens vote directly to elect the prime minister in elections in the UK?

Not unless the prime minister is their constituency member. In the UK you vote for the party you want in your constituency. Then the totals are gathered and the party that controls over half the constituencies wins.

Do you vote for prime minister?

No, the Prime Minister is a constituency MP, the current Prime Minister Gordon Brown is the MP for Dunfirmline East in Scotland. The Prime Minister is usually the leader of the largest political party in the UK House of Commons and is "asked" by the monarch to form a government

Does a prime minister keep his seat in parliament?

A prime minister is an elected member of a parliament, just like all the others. In each election the prime minister must stand for election in their constituency. If they lose, then they will no longer be a member of the parliament and cannot become a prime minister again.

Which assembly constituency did giani zail singh represent while he was chief minister of Punjab?

faridkot in Punjab

Who is the prime minister of Svalbard?

Svalbard is an archipelago governed by Norway, and it does not have its own prime minister. The Prime Minister of Norway, currently Erna Solberg, would represent and govern the territory.

Does the Prime Minister live in England?

No. The Prime Minister lives at the official residence provided for him/her - No 10, Downing Street, London. There is also another official residence in the countryside called Chequers. He/she may also have their private home in their constituency.

Why does the US not have a prime minister?

The founders of the country wished to have a leader who elected by all the citizens of the nation, and thus enshrined such a position in their constitution, calling the position a president instead of a prime minister. +++ To explain the term in the UK, the Prime Minister is elected as a constituency MP, and remains such, but is elevated to PM by the party.

What does Kevin Rudd represent?

He currently represents Australia as its 26th Prime Minister.