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If you're looking for the city of Columbia (of which there are several in the U.S.), the answer is North America. If you are looking for the country Colombia - which is spelled differently than your question so I'm not sure which you're going for - it is located in the northern section of South America.

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Q: What continent is Columbia located on?
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In which continent is British Columbia found?

British Columbia is located in North America.

Is Columbia located in the southwestern region of South America?

No, it is not. It is in the northeastern region of the continent.

What continent is Vancouver is on?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver, Washington, USA are both located on the North American continent.

What Continent is Columbia located in?

There is more than one Columbia. The country, Colombia, is in South America. The city Columbia is the capital of South Carolina, which is obviously in North America.

Is Columbia a continent or country?

Columbia is neither a continent nor a country. It is commonly misspelled as a reference to Colombia, which is a country in South America.

What continet is Colombia in?

the continent of colombia is south America

What is the name of the continent of Columbia?

Columbia is in South America

What continent is located 60 degrees north and 120 degrees west?

The continent that is located at 60 degrees north and 120 degrees west is North America. Its location is in Canada where the British Columbia, Alberta, and Northwest territories meet.

What continent does Columbia belong to?

It belongs to South America. However, it is referred to as "Latin America", as many Spanish countries are.

What is continent is Huang he located?

The continent that the Huang He River is located on is the continent of Asia. This is because the river is located in China and China is located on the Asia continent.

Where is The University of the District of Columbia located?

The University of the District of Columbia is located in the state of District of Columbia.

Where is the Columbia River located at?