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It should be 'continents' - in plural.

3 continents were not part of Gondwana super-continent.

They were North America, Europe and Asia - which formed the other super-continent Laurasia.

The other 4 continents formed the Gondwana.

They were South America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.

The Indian sub-continent was part of Gondwana, then separated from it, traveled north and jammed with Asia. The collision of India and Asia created the Himalayas.

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Q: What continent was not part of gondwana?
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What 3 continents were part of Gondwana?

The three continents that were part of Gondwana are Africa, South America, and Antarctica.

When did the continent Gondwana exist?

The continent Gondwana existed primarily during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras, between about 600 to 180 million years ago. It gradually broke apart due to the process of continental drift, leading to the formation of the current continents we have today.

Which of these was not an ancient continent Pangaea Laurasia Gondwana Cenozoa?

Cenozoa is not an ancient continent. Instead, it is an era in the geological time scale that started around 66 million years ago and continues to the present day. Pangaea, Laurasia, and Gondwana were ancient supercontinents that existed before breaking apart into the continents we recognize today.

How did the land of the Silurian period compare to present-day continents?

During the Silurian period, most of the land was clustered around the equator in a supercontinent called Gondwana. It was mostly covered by shallow seas, with a warmer climate and diverse marine life. Compared to present-day continents, the landmasses were different in shape and position due to plate tectonics shifting over millions of years.

What has happened to India in ancient times?

In 'ancient times' the Indian sub-continent was part of the Gondwana super-continent, lay alongside the east coast of Africa, and was driven north by tectonic forces, at about 18cm per year, till it collided with the Asian continent. Which continues today, but at 20mm per year. Thus it opened the Indian Ocean between Australia and Africa. [Gondwana was named after a part of northern India.]

What single continent split into two continents called gondwana and?

The single continent that split into two continents called Gondwana and Laurasia is Pangaea. Pangaea was a supercontinent that existed about 335-175 million years ago, before eventually breaking apart into these two landmasses which later drifted to form the continents we know today.

What is the Gondwana Shield?

The Gondwana Shield is a geological formation that represents the ancient continental core of Gondwana, a supercontinent that existed around 500 million years ago. It is located in the southern hemisphere and encompasses parts of South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and the Indian subcontinent. The Gondwana Shield is characterized by old and stable rock formations, rich mineral deposits, and diverse ecosystems.

Which continents of today were part of gondwana land?

Today, the continents of South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, the Indian subcontinent, and the Arabian Peninsula were part of Gondwana land.

Continent of today were part of the gondwana landjustify the statement in not less than 100words?

Gondwana was a supercontinent that existed around 500 million years ago and included landmasses that would later split and form the continents we know today. Evidence for the Gondwana supercontinent includes geological similarities, rock formations, and fossil evidence found across separate continents. For instance, the fit of the continents along their coastlines, matching mountain ranges, and similar plant and animal species provide strong support for the theory. Additionally, the presence of unique flora and fauna on different continents that were once part of Gondwana further confirms this ancient landmass's existence.

What was the southern part of Pangaea?


Where was Antarctica located in Pangaea?

Antartica was located at the southernmost part of Gondwana. Gondwana was the southern landmass of Pangaea. It consisted of the modern day continents Africa, South America, Australia, India, Arabia, Antarctica, and the European Balkans.

Was the subcontinent once part of the subcontinent Gondwana?

northern part