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conclusion of directive principles of state policy

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Q: What could be the conclusion for directive principles of state policy?
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What is the difference between policy and directive?

A policy is a set of rules that is followed within a company. A directive is a rule that a company may make to correct a part of the policy that is not being followed properly. This could include disciplinary actions taken when policies are not being followed.

What conclusion could be drawn using the information in the passage above?

The U.S. defeat in Vietnam was considered a failure for the policy of containment. (if your doing study island "Korean and Vietnam war)

What is a synonym for controlling statement?

A synonym for controlling statement could be directive or command.

What is a scientific term for the word conclusion?

A scientific term for "conclusion" could be "findings" or "results".

Did modern living make the people weak - a conclusion for a debate?

No its not a conclusion for a debate but you could ask politics about it.

Did modern living make the people weak a conclusion for a debate?

No its not a conclusion for a debate but you could ask politics about it.

Can you give me few examples of using draw a conclusion in a science sentence?

He could not draw a conclusion on the basis of conversation. This is an example using the phrase draw a conclusion.

How do you use word principles in a sentence?

When you get in trouble, you should stick to your principles and not do anything irresponsible that could make the situation worse. It is important that people have principles.

What does draw conclusion mean?

By observing and analyzing information give to us we infer or conclude an outcome. It's an inference.

In World War 2 what was the L85 fashion directive?

You have been waiting for an answer on this for a while. I decided I would try to answer you. I researched where I could and near as I understand the L85 directive in World War 2 in the United States was a directive that said people had to ration their clothing and cloth purchases because the US needed the fabric from the mills for making uniforms, packs, etc. Nylons were donated to make coverings for powder magazines for the big guns and other things. There was also a leather and rubber ration put into place with that directive so the service men could have boots and other leather products. I found an article in encyclopedia com but it was only half an article.

What could be a good conclusion for your speech about phobias?

nothing i want this answer

What is a 9 letter word for conclusion?

"Decision" is a 9-letter word that can be used as a synonym for conclusion.