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Its not counties states or colonies.... dummy

reply: you are the dummy we are asking what the countries settling in America are.

there are four possible answers and one is false:





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they came from greese, Russia, Italy, and Poland

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Q: What countries did the new immigrants come from?
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Why did Many new immigrants come to the US?

They have like poor countries and want to start a new life

Where do most new Canadians come from?

Most new canadians come from asia. Korea, China and the phillipines are some of the main countries Canada's immigrants come from.

What do people call people that come from countries to live in New Zealand?

immigrants, refugees so forth

Where do ilegal immigrants come from?

They sometimes come from countries with less resources or countries with less opportunities.

Throughout New Zealand's history what have come here from many countries starting with the letter I?

imports- food and goods, or immigrants.

Where did the immigrants come from to come to Ellis Island?

the top three countries that immigrants came to Ellis island from were Ireland Italy and Germany.

How are new immigrants treated in France?

New immigrants in France are treated with hesitation at first. This is especially true if the immigrants are from countries outside Europe.

What countries did the Old Immigrants come from?

poland, england, and africa

What countries were the new immigrants from that moved into the US?


The people who come into a new country are what?


Why did the immigrants come to the Americas?

For new opportunities

What are some differences about immigrants?

Immigrants may come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. They may have varying levels of education, skills, and experiences. Immigrants may also face different challenges in adjusting to a new country and its culture.