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The United States citizens had to accept the newly written US Constitution.

By default, England had to accept it; they didn't have a choice not to unless they wanted to initiate a war over the separation of the USA from British control.

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Q: What countries had to accept the U.S. Constitution?
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What persuaded Americans to accept the us Constitution?

The population of the colonies weren’t asked to accept the constitution. They were simply told it had been written.

Where does the constitution state that only with permission from Congress may US citizens accept titles or honors from foreign countries?

Article I Section 9 Clause 8

Can US Constitution adopt countries?

Not specifically.

What countries Constitution matches the US Constitution by abolishing Slavery in Article 18?

there isn't an answer to this.

What countries do not accept the us dollar?

not many refuse usd

Is the us the only country with a constitution?

No, many other countries have a constitution similar to the U.S. Constitution. There are to many for me to name.

Why other countries will not adopt the US Constitution?

No other country will ever, nor should ever, adopt the US Constitution.

Did the constitution give congress the power to recognize other nations and to accept ambassadors from foreign countries?

no, only the president was granted that.

What Countries use the US Constitution?

"I'm pretty sure just the United States... hence the US Constitution" - not true. Many Latin American countries when they became independent from Spain copied and translated into Spanish the US constitution word for word. However, they often did not follow the constitution because they did not have the same history and value system.

What was the approval of the Constitution called?

The process wherby each state voted to accept the new US Constitution is called "ratification." This term is also used for acceptance of amendments to the constitution.

Why doesn't other countries use the US Constitution?

cause they have there own government

What is to vote for acceptance if the constitution?

When a state voted to accept the Constitution, it ratified the constitution.