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North Korea, Myanmar and Cuba are totalitarian states. China to a lesser extent can be lumped in there as well.

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Q: What countries have a totallitarian government?
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How many countries in Africa and Asia do not democratic form of government?

More than 20 countries in Asia and Africa do not have a democratic form of government.

What countries have authoritarian government?

There are a few countries in the world that have an authoritarian government. A few of the countries are China, Vietnam, and Russia.

What government does southeast Asia's countries have?

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Various countries have had a fascist government. For example, in the 1940s the government of Germany was a fascist one.

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The following countries have a Republic government: America (US) France The Slovak Republic (Slovakia)

What form of government did new many countries adopt after the war?

The military rule is the form of government that many countries adopted after the war.

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all western countries

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The countries that usually need a transitional government are countries which have just been through a coup or a civil war. Some of the countries include Somalia and Afghanistan.

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