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joe no say

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Q: What countries have used a strategies from a different country that won using that strategies but lost using it?
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What is the importance of using strategies and methods in teaching?

The importance of using varied methods and strategies in teaching to be able to determine the different knowledge level of a learner

Why do you use different FM ranges in different countries?

You use different FM ranges in different countries because there are different regulations on FM ranges in every country. There are also many different radio stations available in different locations using the same FM range.

How many ways to make a change for 20 by using 5 bill 10 bill and 2 coins?

The answer depends on the country whose coinage you refer to. Different countries have coins of different values.

How do you receive money from other countries?

There are different ways of receiving money in Nigeria from other country. Such has using Western Union money transfer or Money Gram.

Which country is Tamil a major language?

there are seven countries on using for mother launguage.

What type of map shows countries by using different colors?

a globe

How many different way can you make 60 cent without using any pennies?

There are many countries or regions that use cents as their minor currency units. These countries have different sets of coins. For example, the US has a 25 cent coin but not 20 whereas the Eurozone countries have a 20 cent coin but not 25. The answer will depend on which country or region your question refers to.

Which countries have a free market?

The United States is the ONLY country using the Free- Market Economy.

Rhetorical strategies are ways of using what?


How many ways can you change 1.00 using only coins?

Different countries use coins of different denomination so it is necessary to know which country the question is about. Butsince you have not bothered to provide that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

How can you make 3.59 with 14 coins with no change?

It depends on what country/currency. Different countries have coins of different denominations. Using US coinage, it would take 5 50-cent pieces, 4 quarters, 1 nickel and 4 pennies.

How many countries can you travel using UN travel document?

A travel document issued by the country a person is traveling to that grants to that country