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The Federative Republic of Brazil claimed independence from Portugal in 1822.

Specifically, September 7, 1822 is the date that Brazilians celebrate as their independence from Portugal. Dom Pedro [October 12, 1798-September 24, 1834] supported Brazilians in their claim. In return, he was crowned as independent Brazil's first emperor on December 1, 1822.

But Dom Pedro I did so in opposition to his father, Portugal's King Dom João VI [May 13, 1767-March 10, 1826]. In fact, Portugal continued to fight until final surrender on March 8, 1824. Portugal finally recognized Brazilian independence on November 25, 1825.

September 7th is the day that Brazilians celebrate as Independence Day.

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Q: What country Achieved independence from Brazil in 1825?
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What is Uruguay?

Uruguay is a country in South America. It was established in 1825 after declaring independence from Brazil.

From which country did Brazil win it's independence?

Portugal. Brazil declared it's independence from Portugalon September 7, 1822. It was recognized on August 29, 1825.

Who gained independence from Brazil in 1825?

Brazil declared it's independence from the nation of Portugal on September 7, 1822. It was officially recognized on August 29, 1825.

When does Uruguay celebrate it's Independence Day?

Uruguay successfully defeated the Spanish colonial forces on May 18, 1811. However, the country was claimed in part by Brazil, which was in the process of declaring its own independence from Portugal (1822). Uruguayans declared independence from the Empire of Brazil on August 25, 1825, and received military aid from Argentina. Brazil and Argentina signed the Treaty of Montevideo in 1828 establishing the Republic of Uruguay.

Was Brazil a former colony?

Spain----------------------------------------------Brazil declared its independence from Portugalon September 7, 1822. Portugal acknowledged Brazil's independence in the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro, signed August 29, 1825.

What is particular about August 25?

Uruguay celebrates it's independence from Brazil in 1825.

From what country did Uruguay become independent in 1825?


Which country got its independence in August 25 1825?

Uruquay gained independence on this day.

What is the outcome Countries achieved their independence from the European monarchiesnotably Spain Portugal and Francethat held power over them?

The Cuban War of Independence and the Philippine Revolution lead them to their independence from Spain in 1898. The Indochina wars freed Vietnam from France, and Laos, Cambodia won their independence in 1954 as well. Portugal held on to Brazil until they recognized their independence in August 1825.

When did Brazil get its independence?

Independence Day in Brazil, historically, took place in September 7th, 1822, when the current Prince Dom Pedro proclaimed the famous words "Independence or Death" by the Ipiranga river. However, the independence was not officially recognized until 1825.

What year did Bolivia gain its independence?

August 6th 1825

When did Portugal give dependence to their latin American colonies?

The Portuguese colony of Brazil declared their inde4pendence and waged war for over a year from 1822 to 1823. Independence was formally achieved when Brazilians rose in revolt against the monarchy in 1889. Uruguay declared its independence in 1825 in the aftermath of numerous revolts, and formed a federation with modern day Argentina.