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Q: What country has a national dog?
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The Havanese is the national dog of what country?

The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba. This little white dog of Havana also known as Havana Silk Dogs. The Havanese is a toy dog, so it is a great dog to play with.

Which country did the Kerry Blue Terrier originated from?

It originated from (and is the national dog of) Ireland.

Is the state dog of California was?

None- only 11 US states have one designated

What country was snuppy the cloned dog made in?

South Korea. It was made by Seoul National University scientists. The name Snuppy comes from "Seoul National University puppy".

Where can someone learn how to style dog hair?

Dog grooming schools are located throughout the country. The National Dog Groomers Association of American offers a list of schools and other information on styling/grooming.

Is dog the national animal of any country?

Yes. There are a few countries whose national animal is a particular breed of dog. Dalmatian - Croatia Sarplaninac - Macedonia Kelb tal Fenek - Malta Xoloitzcuintli - Mauritius Chihuahua - Mexico The words on the LHS are names of different breeds of dog.

What is the national dog of Lithuania?

There is no actual national dog of Lithuania, however, their national animal is a White stalk.

The Kerry blue terrier became what country's national dog in part because Michael Collins had one he named Convict 225?


Does the president always have to have a dog?

No -- there is no obligatory national dog .

What do you call a country's national song?

A country's national song is normally called its National Anthem.

Where is the German Shepherd Dog the national dog?

There is a clue in the name

Country without national flag?

There is no country without a national flag.