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The United States.

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Q: What country is Alaska part of?
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What is Alaska's continent?

Alaska is a country, not a continent. It is part of North America.

Why is Alaska an MEDC?

Alaska is not an MEDC (More Economically Developed Country), but it is part of one, the United States. Alaska is a state, not a country.

Are Mexico and Alaska consider countries?

Mexico is a country but Alaska is not. Alaska is part of the united states.

In which country is the tundra biome?

part of alaska

A part of which country borders western Canada?

The state of Alaska borders western Canada. Alaska is a part of the USA.

What country do you have drive trough to get to Alaska?

Canada is between the main part of the US and Alaska.

Is Alaska part of Canada?

Alaska is a state of the United States, Canada is a separate country.

What is the Large landmass that is part of north America but is not a country?


Is Alaska an ledc country or medc country?

Its a MEDC -- because it is a part of the American state :) xx

Was Alaska an Canada separate a long time ago?

Alaska and Canada have always been separate. Alaska is part of USA and Canada is a different country

Is the Arctic and Alaska the same country?

No. The Arctic is a region, like the Equator, or "the South". Alaska is part of the United States of America.

Is Alaska a country or a continent?

Alaska is part of the North American continent. No; it is a US State located on the North American Continent.