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Q: What country was once called Southwest Africa?
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What was Southwest Africa once called?


Which country in southwest Africa was once a center of the slave trade to Brazil and won its independence from Portugal in 1975?


What country was once called Basutoland?

Kingdom of Lesotho, it is in the center of South Africa.

Which present day country covers much of the region once called Asia minor?


Which country was once known as british east Africa?

No country was known as British East Africa.

Which city state in the Southwest region was once a country?

Texas was once an independent country before joining the United States as a state.

Which city in the southwest region was once a country?

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Which country was once called Albion?

which country was once called albion

Was Scotland once called Argyll?

Argyll is a county in southwest Scotland.

Which country was once known as the kingdom of the elephants?


What country in Africa was once known as Zaire?


What is the German colony known as that was once South West Africa?

After World War I, it was put under the control of South Africa and called South-West Africa. After gaining their independence in 1990, the country was renamed Namibia.