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New York applied for statehood on July 26, 1788. Before it was a state it was known as the Province of New York.

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Q: What date did New York apply for statehood?
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Is New York the fifthteenth state?

According the U.S. States list (by date of statehood), New York was admitted as the Province of New York as the 11th stateon July 26, 1788.

How did New York gain statehood?

On July 26, 1788 New York became the 11th state to gain statehood.

What is the year new york achieved statehood?

The state of New York achieved statehood (joined the union) in July 26th, 1788.

What is New York's rank in statehood?

New York was the 11th US State.

The date of the state hood in new york?

New York was granted statehood on July 26, 1788. The state's nickname is The Empire State, the state bird is the eastern bluebird, and the state flower is the rose.

How did New York get statehood?

By accepting the US Constitution.

What is the statehood of New York?

New York became the 11th US State on 26 July 1788.

What was the New York prior to state hood?

Prior to statehood, New York was one of the 13 Colonies.

What is the order of statehood for New York?

New York became the 11th State July 26th 1788

When was New York admitted into statehood?

It was 26 July 1788.

When a new territory in the west wanted to apply for statehood what was the main source of contention?


What people were responsible for New York's statehood?

Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.