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Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia is April 26. That is the day General Joseph E. Johnson surrendered all troops under his command.

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Q: What date is Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia?
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What were the traditional days for Memorial Day for the north and the south before the 1971 Uniform Holidays Bill?

The designated day for Memorial Day in the United States was May 30. The southern states have their own Confederate Memorial Day that is still observed on different dates for each state: Alabama - fourth Monday in April Georgia - April 26th Louisiana - June 3rd Mississippi - last Monday in April North Carolina - May 10th South Carolina - May 10th Tennessee - June 3rd (Confederate Decoration Day) Texas - January 19th (Confederate Heroes Day) Virgina - last Monday in May

What date is Memorial Day in 2012?

Memorial Day is a Federal Holiday. The date is set as the last Monday in May. For 2012 that would be the 28th of May, 2012.

When was Memorial Day in 1962?

Memorial Day is a Federal Holiday. The date is set as the last Monday in May. For 1962 that would be the 30th of May.

How was memory day created?

Memorial Day was started in the Southern United States after the Civil War. Federal law made it illegal to make any type of monument to honor any deceased Confederate solder. As a result group of women dedicated April 26, 1866, as a day to remember the Confederate dead. April 26, 1865 was the day that General Joseph E. Johnson surrendered all Confederate Armies east of the Mississippi River. Word of this reached the North. The women in the North thought it an excellent idea. They created Decoration Day on May 31, 1866. On that day as a memorial the women put flowers on the graves of the dead solders. Later the name was changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day. The date was changed to the last monday in May.

Where was the first Memorial Day?

when flowers were placed all over union and confederate graves in Arlington National Cemetery

What did Memorial Day originally commemorate?

It was created to honor both the Confederate and Union Soldiers of the US Civil War.

When is Memorial Day every year and why is it on that date?

Currently Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May. It was a holiday included in the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill enacted and signed in 1968, becoming effective January 1, 1971. There currently is a movement to restore Memorial Day to its traditional date of May 30th.

When is Confederate Memorial Day in South Carolina?

May 10th in both North and South Carolina. Both states call their holiday Decoration Day.

What year did Memorial Day begin?

In 1866 the southern states established the Confederate Memorial Day to honor the Confederate war dead of the Civil War. It is observed on different days in different states. In the north, Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day to honor both the Union and Confederate Armies' war dead of the Civil War. It was first observed on May 30, 1868. In the 20th century Memorial Day was expanded to honor Americans who had died in all wars.

What day of the week is Memorial Day?

It depends upon which year for which you are asking. Memorial day is always on the last Monday in May, which means it changes year to year rather than having the same set date every year.

What is the adjective for memorial day?

Memorial Day is the proper adjective for Memorial Day, as in Memorial day ceremony or Memorial day dinner

How did Memorial Day in the US begin?

Memorial day began as a day to honor Union and Confederate soldiers after the American Civil War. Following World War I it was continued to honor Americans who have died in all wars.