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Cleveland, wilson,fdr,clinton and obama

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Q: What democratic presidents were lawyers?
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How many democratic presidents were lawyers?

Five modern democratic presidents were lawyers at some time in their lives. Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were all admitted to the bar, although Wilson gave up his law career before he entered politics. The five lawyer presidents from the Democrats before the Civil War were Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, James K. Polk, Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan.

Twenty nine of the first 42 presidents of the US were lawyers What percentage of these presidents were lawyers?

About 69% 29/42 = 0.69047

What percent of lawyers are democratic?

Lawyers are liberals so they are democratic...roughly 68%

To what profession have most presidents belong?


What is the most common profession for presidents?

More US presidents were lawyers before they became President. 25 of the 43 presidents were admitted to the bar, although not all them earned their living that way.Of course, if you consider politician to be a profession, even more of them engaged in that.

Who were the prominent democratic presidents?

Cleveland,Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy and Clinton were probably the most prominent of the Democratic presidents.

How many presidents were lawyers before becoming president?

Nineteen US presidents were lawyers before becoming elected.

What is the most common job presidents had before being president?

Many presidents were lawyers perviously.

How many us democratic senators are lawyers?


How many Democrat lawyers in congress?


Have 27 presidents studied law?

No, only 25 were lawyers

Who are all the Presidents of the Democratic Republic of Congo?

There have been many Presidents of the Democratic Republic of Congo over the years. The current President is Joseph Kabila.