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Individual Rights

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Q: What democratic principle is most similar to the quotation used here?
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What are the basic principles of financial management?

There are ten principles that form the basics of FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. These can be called as the foundation of finance that plays significant role in decision making made by financial managers. so here we go... PRINCIPLE 1: The risk return trade off- investors wont take additional risk unless they expect to be compensated with additional return. PRINCIPLE 2: Time Value of Money - a dollar received today is worth more than a dollar received a year from now. PRINCIPLE 3: CASH, not profits is KING - it is cash flows not profits that are actually received by the firm and can be reinvested. PRINCIPLE 4: Incremental Cash Flows- It's only what changes that counts. The incremental cash flow is the difference between the cash flows if the project is taken on versus what they will be if the project is not taken on. PRINCIPLE 5: The Curse of Competitive Markets-Why it's hard to find exceptionally profitable projects. PRINCIPLE 6: Efficient Capital Markets-the markets are quick and the prices are right. An efficient market is characterized by a large number of profit-driven individuals who act independently. PRINCIPLE 7: The Agency Problem-a problem resulting from conflicts of interest between the manager/agent and the stockholder. PRINCIPLE 8: Taxes Bias Business Decisions PRINCIPLE 9: All Risk is not Equal-some risk can be diversified away, and some cannot. PRINCIPLE 10: Ethical Behavior is doing the right thing, and ethical dilemmas are everywhere in finance.

Does the democratic donkey have a name?

I don't think's what I found out:On January 15, 1870 a political cartoon by Thomas Nast appeared in Harper's Weekly titled "A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion". This cartoon characterized the Democratic Party as a donkey for the first time. Since then, the donkey has become a symbol of the party, though unlike the Republican elephant, the donkey has never been officially adopted as the party's logo.

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Perhaps you mean Nematode. If so then it's a round worm similar to earth worms. There are several differences the most obvious being they are not segmented like earth worms. You can find more info here:

What are features of federalism in India?

federalism is the best form in a country like india. here the power is divided into many sectors which make the rule easier.

What is the origin of 'crazy as a Bessie bug'?

Type your answer here... Yes, a "Bessie bug" is a bug that lives in/between wet logs in a pile or something similar. You can capture two of them and rub them together and they will fight to the death. Hence the saying: "crazy as a Bessie bug". It's a very deep southern term and not everyone knows it, but it is real and I'm only 37 and have always used it.

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judicial, political and economic. I am not sure what you mean by a principle, a principle for which one?

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What are Democratic features of the 1948 constitution of Sri Lanka?Type your answer here...

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farmers Type your answer here...

How is learning about young people affected by the Holocaust relevant to growing up in a Democratic South Africa?

The situation in which the Holocaust took place, and the events that lead up to it, are counter to what a democratic and free South Africa stands for. Therefore, learning about the Holocaust is, ideally, also learning to prevent anything similar occurring here, and elsewhere in the world.