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Each state gets a number of eletoral votes equal to the number of US Representatives plus senators. For example: California has 53 reps and 2 senators so they get 55 electoral votes. The District of Columbia gets a number of electoral votes equal to the state w/ the lowest # of electoral votes, which currently stands at 3, despite not having any senators or members of the House of Representatives. After each census (every 10 years), these numbers are reviewed and ammended, as necessary.

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Each state has electoral votes equal to the total of the 2 representative the state has in the U.S. Senate plus the number of representative the state has in the House of Representatives. Since every state has two senators and at least one representative to the House, every state has at least 3 electoral votes. The number of representative in the U.S. House of Representatives is fixed at 435. Every 10 years the U.S. Census Bureau takes a census of the population in each state. The 435 representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives is then reapportioned among the 50 states based on the population in each state. The District of Columbia gets 3 electoral votes. Therefore, the total number of electoral votes in the Electoral College is fixed at 538 - 100 (senators) + 435 (representatives) + 3 (for DC). The number of electoral votes for individual states may increase or decrease each 10 years based on the results of the updated census results.

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i tell u what its determind some way ye

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Q: What determines electorial votes?
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