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They are all inventors

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Q: What did Blaise Pascal Peter Heilein Otto von Guericke Evangelista Totticelli and Johannes Gutenburg have in common?
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What was Johannes Gutenburg?

Johannes Gutenburg is a person who lived in the 1400's

When did Johannes gutenburg die?

Johannes Gutenburg died in 1458 on February 3. He died in Mainz, Germany.

What is the significance of Johannes gutenburg?


What did Johannes Gutenburge do?

Johannes Gutenburg made the movable printing press

What did gutenburg do?

Johannes Gutenburg created the printing press, making more copies of the Bible.

Johannes gutenburg brothers and sisters?


Who perfected the moveable type?

Johannes Gutenburg

What did Johannes gutenburg invent and how?

printing press

Which machine did Johannes Gutenburg invent?

Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press

Where did Johannes live?

Johannes Gutenburg lived in the German City-State of Mainz.

What country was Johannes Gutenburg?

Johannes Gutenberg was from Germany.

What did Johannes gutenburg have to do with the renaissance?

he invented the printing press.