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John de Courcy was a Anglo-Norman adventurer.

He came to Downpatrick to conquer the land and receive fame and fortune.

He conquered the land and succeeded with the fame, but not the fortune.

King John imprisioned him in the Tower of London.

He was the only brave enough to face the champion of the French King.

So King John sent him to France.

He frightened the French Champion so much he refused to fight.

For this service his descendants are one of the very few people permitted to sit in the prescence of the English Monarch.

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he bilt stuff!

He supposedly built a castle and renamed the church of the holy trinity to be The Church Of St. Patrick

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Q: What did John De Courcy do in Downpatrick?
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Where did John de Courcy find saint Patricks bones?

in downpatrick

What was John De Courcy's downfall?

John De Courcy's downfall was when he fell down the stairs and someone said,"John De Courcy downfall the stairs.

Did john de courcy have a wife?

Yes, John de Courcy did have a wife, she was called Affreca

When was John de Courcy Ling born?

John de Courcy Ling was born in 1933.

When did John de Courcy Ireland die?

John de Courcy Ireland died in 2006.

When was John de Courcy Ireland born?

John de Courcy Ireland was born in 1911.

When did John de Courcy Ling die?

John de Courcy Ling died in 2005.

How many brothers and sisters did john de courcy have?

John De Courcy had one brother. He had an older brother whose name was William De Curci lll. When their father passed away he left the family's land to John's older brother.

When did john de courcy build inch abbey?

John De Courcy built inch abbey in 1126 to defend the Lecale barony.

When did John de Courcy invade northern Ireland?

John de Courcy originally came to Ireland in 1171AD and set about invading the northern part of Ireland in January 1177AD.

Why did John De Courcy come to Ulster?

John De Courcy got support because he married Affreca daughter of godred king of the Isle of Man.

When did john de courcy die?

John de Courcy built the famous Carrickfergus castle, we missed going there because of the weather!! Rage!! Built on the rocky shores of Belfast Lough, County Antrim. John de Courcy's ancestors lived in Normandy and came over to Emgland with William the Conqueror in 1066. They settled in Somerset, Southern England. He was born in 1150. He was the youngest son of the family. In 1180, John de Courcy married a girl called Affreca, the son of the King of the Isle of Man. She was only twelve at the time They did not have any children. John de Courcy came to Ireland in 1177. He built castles without the King of England's permission which made the King very angry. Among these castles was Carrickfergus castle. John de Courcy died in 1219. It is unknown where he is buried.