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people basic and natural rights

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Q: What did John Locke base objective of government is the protection of what?
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Which form of government did john locke most oppose?


What did john Locke believe was the best form of government?

john Locke believed the best form of government was democracy.

Who wrote the Treatises on Civil Government?

john Locke

Who believe that people had the right to remove a government that did not protect their rights?

john Locke

What form of government did john locke prefer?

John Locke preferred a constitutional government where power is limited by a written constitution. He believed in a system where the ruler's authority is derived from the consent of the governed, promoting individual rights and the protection of private property.

What did john locke mean by social contract?

John Locke suggested the idea of the social contract. The idea is that citizens of a country are willing to give up some of their personal freedom in order to receive the protection of the government.

In 1690 who stated that a government can only be run by the people?

John Locke

Who are 2 Enlightenment thinkers who influenced the US government?

John Locke

What was john lockes theory?

john Locke's theory was called the Social Contract. Whereby a person agrees to give up some of their rights for the right and protection of the entire community by the government.

What document says The only way whereby any one gives up his natural liberty and becomes a member of an organized society is by agreeing with other men to join and unite into a community for their com?

John Locke's Second Treatise on Government

What was john Locke the author of?

John Locke is the author of the book, "Two Treatises of Civil Government".

Who said that government purpose was to protect people natural rights?

john Locke