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He gave it to freedmen who followed his army.

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Q: What did Johnson do with abandoned plantation land?
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What did President Johnson decide to do with the abandoned plantation lands in the South?

give them back to their former owners.

After the Civil War and Lincolns assassination what did President Johnson decide to do with the abandoned plantation lands in the South?

Give them back to their owners.

Which historic plantation was used as the plantation manor in the movie Beulah Land?

the melrose plantation

What is the plantation system?

The plantation system was the division of the land into smaller parcels that were under private ownership. The plantation system started in Virginia.

Who in Greece can help me find abandoned land in Greece?

What do you mean by the term abandoned land? Land that nobody is interested to buy or to use? Land that belongs to the state e.g. mountains etc?

Who named the city Plantation Florida?

Matthew Johnson 7SG Queens School

Because plantation owners owned the most land and slaves?

Plantation owners were usually the most wealthy people in their area so they did tend to own the most land and slaves

How old is oak alley plantation?

The land now know as Oak Alley Plantation was part of a very large estate that was a working plantation in the early 1800s. Officially, most people think of the land becoming Oak Alley Plantation when Jacques Roman completed his Big House mansion in 1839. The trees on the land are nearly 300 years old, however, since they were planted long before the family owned the land.

What is the area of Millford Plantation?

Millford Plantation, located in South Carolina, covers around 4,500 acres. The main plantation house is situated on a 400-acre tract of land.

Why were plantation owners at the top of the society?

They own more land and slaves.

What is a shamba boy?

A servant working in a plantation or a portion of cultivated land.

How many acres is necessary for land to be considered a 'plantation' in the south?