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Calculator streaching device for barrel spring boat (advaced tipe) flying machines and giant cross bow

Harry Potter

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Q: What did Leanardo da Vinchi invent?
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Why did leanardo da vinchi invent his flying machine?

Because he wanted to fly.because it was interesing to him.

What made leanardo da vinchi famous?

he painted portraits and canvases

What did lenardo da vinchi invent?

the helicopter

Was leanardo di vinchi french?

He was Italian.

Who is a good scientist to do a report on?

a couple good ones are Galileo leanardo da vinchi albert Einstein Marie curies and Jane Goodall

What were some paintings by Leanardo De Vinchi?

The Mona Lisa

How do you spell Leonardo Da Vinchi?

The correct spelling is 'Leonardo Da Vinchi'.

Who is da vinchi?

da vinchi is the first singer in the world and invented the cheese-puff

Why did Leanardo Da Vinci start to invent?

Because he was a very curious man and wanted to know about everything and to put new knowledge into practice.

Is da vinchi a artist?

Of course he is.

What was the IQ of Leanardo Da Vinci?


Is leanardo da vinci gay?