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He was 1 of the 3 founders who founded phi beta sigma fraternity incorporated

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Q: What did Leonard f Morse do?
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When was Leonard Morse born?

Leonard Morse was born in 1929.

Who founded alpha eta chapter of phi beta sigma?

The Most Honorable Founder Leonard F. Morse and The Honorable Dr. George Washington Carver

When was John F. Morse born?

John F. Morse was born in 1801.

When did John F. Morse die?

John F. Morse died in 1884.

When was Theodore F. Morse born?

Theodore F. Morse was born in 1873.

When did Theodore F. Morse die?

Theodore F. Morse died in 1924.

Was Samuel F. B. Morse an American?

Samuel F. B. Morse was an American

How did Samuel f b Morse get famous?

Morse code

When was Leonard F. Walentynowicz born?

Leonard F. Walentynowicz was born in 1932.

When was James F. Leonard born?

James F. Leonard was born in 1920.

When did Leonard F. Walentynowicz die?

Leonard F. Walentynowicz died in 2005.