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He said he cannot tell a lie

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Q: What did Lincoln tell his father about cutting down the cherry tree?
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What type of tree did Abraham Lincoln cut down?

No he didn't because the story is about George Washington and how he chopped the cherry tree not Abraham Lincoln cutting down an apple tree.

What is George Washington's famous fruit?

Cherries, from the legend of him cutting down a cherry tree.

What type of tree is George Washington famous cutting down?

Cherry tree

What type of tree is president George Washington famous for cutting down?

cherry tree

Did George Washington take the moors flag?

yes he did and replaced the truth with the lie of cutting down a cherry tree

What was the boys name that told George Washington that his cherry tree was cut down?

George Wahington cut his father's cherry tree down. When he was asked about it, he told the truth.

When did George Washington cut down the cherry tree?

The story about George Washington cutting down his father's cherry tree, and then being unable to lie about it, has persisted throughout history. However, there is no evidence that this ever happened, and researchers have not been able to find any.

Did Washington chop down the cherry tree why or why not?

he did because his father gave him a axe and he wanted to try it out

What was Parson Locke Weems myth about George Washington?

He invented the tale of the Cherry Tree. The myth was that when he was a little boy, George chopped down a cherry tree. When his father asked about it, George replied, "I cannot tell a lie," and admitted his act. This was used to demonstrate the perceived image of Washington as scrupulously honest.

What were Abraham Lincoln real hobbies?

Abe loved cutting down trees and loved to help people.

Who was the legend has it that you told the truth after cutting down a cherry tree?

Your question is a little hard to understand but I think the answer you're looking for is George Washington.

What kind of a tree did george washington chop down?

A cherry tree It is a story. He did not really cut down a tree.