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what did Louis XIV hope to accomplish in his domestic and foreign policies? To what extent did he succeed ? giveing examples of his successes and failures

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Q: What did Louis hope to accomplosh in his domestic and foreign policies?
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Louis XIV foreign policies?

Louis XIV desired supremacy over any relations with foreign countries at first, leading to the War of Devolution and the Dutch Wars. After this, he limited his policies to diplomacy, though his desire for supremacy never left him.

Who were the royal officials who carried out Louis XIV's policies for the provinces?


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The French Foreign Legion was created in 1831 by the then King Louis-Philippe.

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What was some Louis XIV's economic policies?

Louis XIV was an absolute monarch that advocated for division amongst social classes, namely the three estates.

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The King Louis Philippe founded the Legion in 1831.

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Was the minister to Louis xiv whose policies drove nobles to rebel against the boy king?

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