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the farmers and merchants led a revolt. tis is not the same site as "wikipedia." i went through a bunch of answers on this site and they all need to be monitored

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Q: What did Shay's rebellion cause congress to do?
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What is Shays rebellion in a sentence?

There were many great rebellions, but none like shays rebellion. Shays' Rebellion was a militia uprising.

Significance of shays rebellion and whiskey rebellion?

Definition of shays rebellion?

How can shays rebellion be known as good and bad?

shays rebellion was good because it allowed for farmers to be represented through shays army and then caused for people to see the negative aspects of the Articles of Confederation and caused the conventional congress to make changes

Shay's rebellion singificance?

Shays's rebellion is significant because he started a rebellion at the wrong time and this could have cause a collapse in government

Shays rebellion was cause by this problem?

Shays Rebellion was caused by foreclosures on farmers properties.

Who rebelled in shays rebellion?

It was the farm owners who rebelled in Shays' Rebellion. The rebellion occurred in Massachusetts and was led by Daniel Shays. Another prominent leader of the rebellion was Luke Day.

What did shays rebellion focus on closing?

Shays's Rebellion forced courts to close.

Who was the leader of the rebellion closing Massachusetts courts?

The rebellion that led to the closing of courts in Massachusetts was Shays' Rebellion, named after its leader, Daniel Shays. The rebellion was eventually crushed.

Who lead shays rebellion?

Daniel Shays

What year was shay's rebellion?

Shays' Rebellion took place in 1786 and 1787. The rebellion took place in Massachusetts, and was named after its leader, Daniel Shays.

What did Daniel shays do to be important?

he led shays rebellion

How was shays' rebellion resolved?

in conclusion shays rellion