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Sybil Luddington is famous for her role in the American Revolution. On the night of April 26, 1777 she rode to an American colony to warn them that the British were approaching.

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Q: What did Sybil Luddington do?
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On April 26th 1777 Sybil Luddington was the eldest daughter of Colonel Henry Luddington and Abigail Luddington's 12 children. When a messenger brought her father the news that Danbury Ct was burning and the British were advancing Sybil who was 16 and rode over 40 miles through bad stormy weather and treacherous roads to wake the men in her father's 7th Regement of Duchess County NY Militia. She started her ride sometime after 9pm and continued to dawn. She rode from Carmel to Mahopac to Kent Cliffs and on to Farmers Mills. Upon returning home she was welcomed by 400 of her fathers company. The men joined in the fight and eventually pushed the British back to the Long Island Sound. Sybil had a postage stamp in her honor in 1981. Paul Revere rode 14 miles in 2 hours in good weather but most people don't know about young Sybil.

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