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Religious differences in society, i think

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Q: What did The Founding Fathers believed that a major source of political conflict was the?
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The Founding Fathers believed that the primary source of political conflict was the?

John Walsh

What was the primary source of conflict in a society according to the founding fathers?

Founding Fathers believed political parties were the primary source of conflict in a society. They viewed them as factions dangerous to the public interest. Their ideology called for the subordination of marginal interests in favor of the general welfare of the people.

What are the two competing visions of the founding fathers?

The founding fathers believed in liberty for all, yet many "owned" slaves.

What did the founding fathers mean by republic?

A state which is governed by the rule of law.

What political party was found by the founding fathers?

The Democratic-Republican party

Why was a stronger central government needed?

The founding fathers believed that a strong centralized government was necessary to eliminate each colonized state from having too much political control.

When writing the original US constitution the founding fathers believed that once these officials were in office they would be protected from political pressures because they served life?

Supreme Court Justices.

Why did the founding fathers think most people were politically ignorant?

The founding fathers believed that most people were politically ignorant because they were concerned about the potential for mob rule and the manipulation of public opinion. They believed that an informed and educated citizenry was crucial for the success of a democratic system, and they did not have confidence that the general population would have the necessary knowledge and understanding of complex political issues.

What was most of the founding fathers' political and economic status?

Most of the US's founding fathers were rather wealthy. They tended to be political figures and some had a military background. Many of the founding fathers in the South, like Washington and Jefferson were slave owners as well. Each of them were aware that their responsibilities were crucial as they were designing a new form of government.

Who are the framing fathers?

The framing fathers were political men who helped to write the Constitution for the United States. They are also sometimes referred to as the founding fathers.

What is the political founding fathers john Locke baron de montesqvieu?

who's the political view of the founding father. (john locke, baron de Montesquieu

What were the two main sources of influence on the political thinking of the Founding Fathers?

Enlightenment philosophy and the English political tradition