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Theseus is a myth character. He was from Athens and his people where being sent to Crete as food for the kings son the Minotaur (a person with the head of a bull), as the king of Athens and the king of Crete had a fight. Since the king of Crete won he demanded that. Theseus wanted to stop it so he was sent to Crete as a slave. He had to go through a labyrinth first (whoever went in never came out). So the kings daughter helped him succeed. She gave him a very long peace of rope so that he could tie one end on a tree trunk and the other on himself so that he could find his way out after defeating the Minotaur. He killed the Minotaur and no more people were sent there again.

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Theseus was born and, after many years, found out that his father was King Aegeus of Crete. He told his father he would like to be a sacrifice to the mighty beast, which was half man and half bull, the Minotaur. But he actually planned to kill it. When he arrived in Crete, he promised the king's daughter, Ariadne, that he would marry her and take her away from Crete. After he killed the Minotaur, and abandoned the princess on an island. When he returned home, Theseus had forgotten to raise the white sails that he had promised his father would mean he was still alive, and the black ones were up instead. So the King of Athens jumped into the sea that bears his name today.

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Q: What did Theseus do for Greece?
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Where in Greece was Theseus and the Minotaur set?


What did Theseus' battle with the minotaur reflect?

The overthrow of Minoan power in Greece.

What is a minotor?

The Minotor is a mythical beast from ancient Greece that Theseus killed and became king.

In Greek mythology who was Theseus?

Theseus in Greek mythology was the hero who killed the Minotaur. He was journeying around Greece and arrived at Crete. There he killed the Minotaur. He is supposed to have been the founder and first king of Athens.

Who were some major people from ancient Greece?

Theseus, Hippolyta, Lysander, all people from A midsummers night dream

What monster was rumoured to lure victims into its prison that was the labryinth in ancient Greece?

The monster who lived in labyrinth in Crete was Minotaur and it was killed by Theseus.

Is there any famous women in ancient Greece?

not many that i could think of but there was Adriadne's string that led theseus thriugh the labrinth so he could slay the minotaur

In The Story of Theseus where did Theseus get his sword?

Theseus got the sword from the rock that he pulled it from.From Ariadne

Who was theseus brothers and sisters?

theseus hasd only one brother in the greek mytholgy he was not very known of because he had a speel casted on him at a young age. his name was hunter morrow ( morrow meaning futuer teller) he was stronger and faster then theseus but he was shuned from the town of troezen ( modern greece). he was 5'6" brown hair brown eyes but 3 times the strength of a man twice his size.

Who was theseis to theseus?

Theseis is the story of Theseus

How is Theseus is an hero?

Theseus killed the minotaur

Who married theseus?

Two women married Theseus. These were Hippolyta and Phaedra. Theseus did not have both as wives simultaneously.