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The Europeans got some new colonies and the early Americans got some new exciting diseases ...

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the newworld

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Q: What did christopher columbus's four voyages across the atlantic lead to?
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What was the significance of Columbuss voyages?

The trip was to see if he could go to eastern Asia by traveling west across the Atlantic Ocean.

How many years after columbuss 1492 voyage did the English send their first explorer on a voyage of discovery across the Atlantic ocean?

5 years

Who sent christopher Columbus on his voyage?

King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella of Spain

What was christopher columbuss goals?

To find a quick route to Asia, but he landed in North America instead, but thought it was India. Columbus didn't like the Native Americans that lived on the land, so he took them as slaves, killed them,and sexually assaulted them.

Who is the first to get credit for sailing across the Atlantic?

Christopher Columbus

Which ocean did Columbus go across?

On his voyages to find a route to Asia he crossed the Atlantic Ocean

Who thought that he could reach the east by sailing across the Atlantic ocean?

Christopher Columbus.

What body of of water did christopher Columbus crossed to discover the America?

Columbus sailed across the Atlantic ocean. He was expected to sail to Asia, but he landed in America.

What did Christopher Columbus's four voyadges across the Atlantic lead to?

The columbian exchange

Which ocean did Christopher Columbus sail across to reach America in 1492?


Who thought that he could reach the east by sailing across the Atlantic?

Christopher Columbus.

Which ocean did christopher Columbus sail across?

the ocean of oceans but of oceans of lakes from rivers with monters in them with lake ontario............. atlantic