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The British offered freedom and independence. The 13 colonies offered more rights. The slaves went for British because they wanted freedom, not rights.

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Q: What did each side offer the slaves if they fought in the revolutionary war?
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What is the relationship between the American colonists and the British soldier?

They fought each other in the America Revolutionary War. We are friendly to each other today.

What countries fought against each other in the American Revolutionary War?

It was the former 13 British Colonies now calling themselves the United States who were fighting for their independence from the United Kingdom.

Was the battle of gettysburg during the Civil War or the revolutionary war?

It was during the Civil War because the north and south fought against each other. That is what the Civil War is. The Revolutionary War is America fighting against the British to gain their own freedom.

How many people fought and died for each side in the American revolutionary?

Americans: 50,000± killed French and Spanish: 6,000± killed Germans: 7,554 killed British: 29,740 killed

What were the motives that led individual soldiers to fight in the US Civil War?

There were many reasons that led men to join the Northern and Southern armies during the US Civil War. Here is a list of reasons:* They fought to keep the United States in tact. They believed that two separate "Americas" would be weaker than a united US;* They fought for independence, believing that the South would be marginalized if it continued to remain part of the United States;* They fought either to continue slavery or help to abolish it;* Freed slaves fought as Union soldiers to help defeat the slave holding Confederacy;* Some fought because they were drafted into each army; and* Some fought to be loyal to their respective states, whether they owned slaves or not. This was a small segment of the Confederate army.

What two groups of people were fighting during the revolutionary war?

The American Colonists and the British fought each other over the right for America to be free from Great Britain's control.

What was the cause and effects of freeing slaves in the US?

the cuase of freeing the slaves in the US was thanks to the republican abraham lincoln who fought for the rights and fought for the people that didint have freedom.the cuase was that he thought everybody needed civil rights and that each person needs freedom of the efect was that it lead to a civil war in were slave owners didnt want to free their slaves theey had paid for a good fortune and they instead lead eveything to war and the night when the war was on rival the president ... abraham licnoln was killed by boothe jackson . that was the cause and affect of freeing the slaves in the US.]

What term is used to refer to the full time farmers that fought part time for the patriots?


Who fought against each other in the south African revolution?

the blacks and whites fought against each other

Which three states each had only one battle during the revolutionary war?

Which three each had only one battle during the american revolutionary war.

What was one recruiting method used by American colonists to enlist more slaves into the Revolutionary army in the war against the British?

The American Revolutionary War provided slaves with an incentive to join the fight against the British. American slaveholders were provided with incentives to allow their slaves the opportunity to become soldiers in the War, and to eventually gain their freedom. In the New York colony, 500 acres of land were offered to any slaveholder who allowed each slave to enlist for 3 years in the Colonial Army. For the most part, these slaves became freed men as part of their own compensation for fighting the British. The British also courted Black men into their ranks.

What is a major reason the US and USSR fought against each other?

The US and the USSR never fought against each other.