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A Lord was usually the one who ruled the castle in medieval times but when the lord is absent for some reason that's when the lady comes in help she is the one who looks over the castle if the lord is absent

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Manage and defend land and laborors

Appointed officials

Acted as judges in manor courts

Fought for their higher-ranking lords OR supplied knights


Hold fiefs and inherit land

Ran estates

Sat as judges

Raised Children and training them and others

Overseeing duties

Some households had hundreds of people

Enjoyed hunting with birds, feasting and dancing, Board Games, reading

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Q: What did lords and ladies do?
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What is are the lords and ladies?

The lords and ladies were members of a group that own serfs ( same thing as a peasant) they can tell the serfs what to do

What are the differences in the daily lives and responsibilities of lords ladies knights and peasants?

Lords had to watch over the peasants, ladies had to cook and clean, knights had to protect the lords and peasants had to work for the lords.

The Lords and Ladies were members of what class?

Upper ClassNobilityRoyalGentryAristocrats

What was the social structure of lords and ladies?

5 on the pyramid

What role did monarchs and lords and ladies and knights and peasants play in the Feudal system and what did they do to contribute to the system?

They were to keep an eye out for the king. The lords and ladies hired knights and gave money to the king when needed.

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Another name for the flowering woodland plant known as Cuckoo Pint is Arum Lily.

Who was below the king in Medieval Times feudal system?

Lords and Ladies

What people live in castles?

lords,ladies,kings,cooks and maybe serfs

Did Lords and Ladies live in Castles?

yes they did live in castles and also manors

Who refused to bow to lords and ladies because they believed all people were?


What are ladies in the medieval times?

Yes, there were medieval female lords. However, they never used the term, 'lords' for women. Instead, they referred to these female lords as 'ladies.'

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