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The People

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Q: What did max weber say all governments get there power from?
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According to max weber who are elite who control government power?


Sources of political power?

"According to Max Weber, legitimacy in politics is derived from three main sources of political powers is tradion, charisma, and legality.""When Weber believed that positions of power become legit over time, it becomes traditional.""Weber also stressed the importance of personality in creating political legitmacy. A Great popularity of sine leaders is due in part to their personal magnitism, or charisma.""Finally, Weber pointed to the importan ce of law in creating legitimacy. Some of the personal activities are considered legitimate simply because they are legal (legality)."Source:American Government, by Walter E. Volkomer. Thirteenth Edition 2008-2011 Person Education, Inc.

How does protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism contribute to the development rise of bureaucracy and capitalism?

Well, whether it actually does so is open for debate and requires consideration of the evidence.The classic argument that capitalism is a by-product of the Protestant mindset comes from sociologist Max Weber, who took it as his life's work to "debate the ghost of Karl Marx."Weber's book argues that Calvinism (a form of Protestantism) leads its practitioners to try to accumulate wealth as a sign of their worth in the eyes of God. According to Weber, this "ethic" leads to a capitalist society in which bureaucracy becomes increasingly important.Weber's argument is famous. It may also be one of the most over-rated things in the history of social science.

Definition of Office of Price Administration?

Agency set up my congres (WWll) that had the power to fix rents, set max prices on goods, and set up a rationing system.

What is is max alberto georges parents called?

shauna mchloclan

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