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Q: What did the Aztecs decorate with stone tiles wood and shells and use during cultural celebrations?
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What is most closely related to the political challenges of bringing together different ethnic and cultural groups in a country?

unification of italy during the 1800s

What happens to a society during a period of cultural diffusion?

Answer this question… It gains access to ideas that were developed outside the society.

Who are the minutemen who fire muskets during patriots games?

Collectively, the minutemen at the Patriot games are known as the End Zone Militia. They are a group of revolutionary war re-enactors who do all sorts of things, like the end zone celebrations, reenactments and parades. Click the link below to go to their website for more information,

What cultural values do you suppose television reflected during the 1950s What cultural values does televsion programming have today?

Television programming in the 1950s reflected the conservative life style of the period. All the nuclear families had a mother, father and children all living together. In most cases, the women in sitcoms did not work, or in the case of 'I Love Lucy,' were so incompetent they couldn't work. Women were portrayed in passive, supportive roles, and father always knew best. Today's programming, like the fifties, reflects the social reality of today. Many shows reflect single parents, women who work important jobs, and families who are flawed, but relatable.

How do traditions affect attempts to unify diverse leaders under a single government?

Traditional leaders don't want to give away or share any power,Traditional leaders tend to have an economic advantage and do not desire to give that up,The cultural change that would take place during unification is undesired by those in power,Traditional societies often attempt change through violence rather than diplomacy.

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What did the Aztecs decorate with stone wood and tiles during cultural celebrations?

The Aztecs decorated temples, pyramids, and other ceremonial places with stone carvings, wooden sculptures, and colorful tiles during cultural celebrations. These decorations often depicted gods, important events, and mythological stories central to Aztec beliefs and rituals. The intricate designs and vibrant colors added to the overall grandeur and significance of their celebrations.

Do people ever stay the night at grave yards during the Day of the Dead celebrations?

yes...they decorate the graves throughout the night

What are fact about Mexico on Christmas?

They decorate their houses with lights and many Christmas plants (poinsettias).Most celebrations include breaking the piñata.Most homes have a nativity scene or a Christmas tree for decoration during the season.

What is Chinese fan dance?

The Chinese fan dance is a traditional dance which has been part of the heritage of China. It is a folk dance in ancient form that is usually performed during cultural celebrations.

How did the spaniards conqure the Aztecs?

The Spaniards attacked the Aztecs during a festival

What did the stone age use to decorate?

During the Stone Age, people used various materials such as shells, animal bones, feathers, and pigments from plants and minerals to decorate objects like clothing, tools, and cave walls. These decorations served both functional and symbolic purposes, representing cultural beliefs and traditions.

What was built by the Aztecs in the 1300's?

The city built in during that time by the Aztecs, was called Tenochtitla'n

What celebrations go on outside during the 'sphinx festival'?


What city was built by the Aztecs in the 1300's?

The city built in during that time by the Aztecs, was called Tenochtitla'n

Did the Aztecs eat dogs?

The Aztecs did eat dogs. Turkeys and dogs were both domesticated by the Aztecs. Dogs were usually only eaten during special feasts.

When were the Aztecs most powerful?

During 2013 A.D.

How did Aztecs treat their enemies during war?

They killed them.